Children & Youth Bible Drill

If you would like assistance for your children and/or youth to plan, prepare or participate in Bible Drills, please call LRBA office at: (910) 893-4282
or our associational Bible Drill leader, Shannon Labelle.
Shannon’s email:  <>

2017 Dates:
March 24 – Assoc. Youth & High School Drills at Antioch BC
Congratulations to our Youth and High School drillers!

March 25 – Assoc. Children’s Bible Drill at Antioch BC
Congratulations to our Children Bible Drillers!

April 22 – Regional Bible Drills for all ages at Coats BC
Congratulations to all of the Regional Drill Winners!

‘Thanks’ to Shannon LaBelle, Antioch and Coats Baptist Churches.

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